Sunday, May 16, 2010

The BIO Conference

I'm headed to Washington on the train as I write this, having been a panelist in Boston on Saturday at the first annual conference of BIO, the Biographers International Organization. If any members of the organization or attendees are reading this, I'd like to thank you for your participation. I enjoyed it, and I learned something myself. I was on a panel on self-editing, and the very act of expressing my thoughts on writing, hearing the other panelists, and responding to questions forces me to ponder how I approach my writing.

It's very useful—and a lot of fun to interact with other biographers, both the well-established and beginning.

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Chris Klein said...


I attended your self-editing session and had the pleasure of having you sign a copy of your book at the reception. It was incredibly insightful to sit in on the self-editing session and learn more about how you craft your narrative. (I also find this blog valuable in the same respect.) The whole day was filled with great concrete, takeaways rather than useless theory, which you sometimes get at writers' conferences.