Friday, January 6, 2012

Old Material, New Writing

Bloomberg now has a financial history blog, rather like the New York Times's Disunion blog on the history of the Civil War. Called Echoes, it's the brainchild of the very accomplished historian Stephen Mihm. I just wrote a piece for Echoes, on the early history of insider trading on Wall Street, focusing mainly on Daniel Drew (pictured here).  You can find the piece here

It's kind of funny, my flogging an article (well, blog entry) so soon after writing about the need to screw yourself into your chair to work on your new book. But this is actually in keeping with my previous theme. The piece wasn't a major new project, taking me away from my real work; rather, I put to use some research that didn't make it fully into my previous book.

Old material makes for efficient new writing, while you're working on something bigger. Don't throw out those computer files and boxes of photocopies; they can come in handy. But, for the biographer, the next book is always the point.

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laurie said...

in the world of newspapers, we call it "saving string." and it almost always proves useful eventually.